Martial Arts


Ajarn Samuel Adams

I began my Martial Arts training in 1993 in the Art Tang Soo Do, although my sister Jana was the first to show me some moves from Karate in the 1970's. In February 1988 I joined Progressive Fighting Arts Academy in Tulsa Oklahoma later to become Gibson's Martial Arts Academy under the late Sifu / Guro / Khun Khru Terry H. Gibson. In 1988 I also began my training under Guro / Ajarn Dan Inosanto, GM Ajarn Surachai Chai Sirisute, Sifu Paul Vunak, Tim Tacket, Sifu Francis Fong, Pak Herman Suwanda, Guro Paul De Thouars, in the 1990's I also trained with Coach / Ajarn Eric Paulson, Sifu / Ajarn Marc McFann in submission grappling & ground fighting, and shoot fighting. 

Yes this sounds like a lot and it was. Since I began with Mr. Gibson I have continued my training in the arts of Muay Thai, Kali Silat Eskrima, panantukan Filipino boxing know as "dirty boxing" grappling and ground fighting, Savate, Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee method) Maphilindo Silat, Dumog (Filipino wrestling) and one of my favorites western boxing. 

I first started teaching officially in 1989 after receiving my Apprentice Instructor Certification under Mr. Gibson and I have moved up through the ranks ever sense. 
I went on to receive many awards over the years including: top attendance of the year, Thai boxer of the year, top Instructor of the year, Outstanding Instructor at a few Muay Thai camps. 
I began fighting Muay Thai in 1995 and in 2003 I won the IKF North American amateur Muay Thai Welterweight title in Peoria Illinois. 
In 2003-2004 I was ranked 3rd in the world as a welterweight 147lbs on the IKF ranking and website.
In 2012 I won the TBA-SA Sr. Light Middleweight amateur Muay Thai World tournament title in Des Moines Iowa. 
Also receiving silver medal there in 2014. 

I'm currently Senior Instructor (Ajarn) under Grand Master Ajarn Chai Sirisute the founder of the World Thai Boxing Association. 
Our school is a certified training center with a written curriculum that includes a in house and International rank structure. 

I'm currently teaching seminars around the country and in Mexico and also open to new ideas and places to teach. 

*see ranking certificates in person at our school* 

Khob Khun Krup "wai"
Ajarn Samuel Adams